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Amazing K-pop Rappers that Changed the “Idol Rapper” Stigma

By: Christiana C.

KDA Internship

In recent years, idol rappers have been stigmatized as not being as good or talented of a rapper as solo rappers. Here is a list of stars who have defied the odds and proved the stigma wrong.

1. Stray Kids - Changbin

(Source: KpopStarz)

Changbin is Stray Kids’ rapper. His flow is extremely fast, and his fairly deep voice with a unique vocal tone shows just how talented he is as an artist. Some of his best examples of this are shown in the song “Matryoshka”, performed on Stray Kids reality show and at KCON LA in 2018.

2. Block B - Zico

(Source: Kprofiles)

Zico’s extreme charisma and talent fits his role perfectly as a rapper. He debuted solo apart from his group Block B and flourished. Some of the best examples of his fast and charismatic rapping skills were shown when he performed at the 26th Seoul Music Awards to the song “Okey Dokey Yo”.

3. Treasure - Haruto

(Source: Twitter/@ygent_official)

Haruto’s style, fused with his deep voice and mild mannerisms shows calmness, confidence, and how much skill he brings to the table. Treasure’s pre-debut track “Going Crazy” showcases Haruto’s distinct rapping style.

4. Seventeen - Wonwoo

(Source: Kpopping)

Being apart of Seventeen’s talented rapper line, Wonwoo’s vocal color adds just the right amount of variation in the group’s songs that make a big difference. For example, this can be heard in one of Seventeen’s earlier releases titled “Mansae”.

These are a few of the many talented rappers in the Kpop scene. Who do you think are some underrated talents in the Kpop industry? Leave your comment below!

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