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Don’t Be Afraid to Cover K-Pop Dances!

I. Do. Not. Dance.

Let me clarify: I don’t dance professionally. I might do a silly dance in the grocery store, or in my kitchen, or around my friends, but I don’t. Dance. On. Stage.

It’s not that I have stage fright - I’m perfectly capable of performing on stage in an orchestra ensemble or in a solo singing performance. It’s just something about dancing that seems really intimidating to me and makes me wonder why on Earth I signed up for Karate lessons over the dance lessons that I wanted when I was a child (or I guess why my parents made that decision for me, since I was a child).

If I had the actual training, I’d probably have developed the confidence to actually dance on a stage.

However, there was one experience in college in which I actually did learn and perform a dance. Specifically a K-Pop group dance - Cheer Up by Twice.


(Iconic, truly).

Our Korean class had to learn and perform a dance as part of Korean Culture Day at the university! Practices were a bonding experience and the performance was a success, but I credit it largely for making me less afraid of dance now than I was before! I even went to other dance lessons for K-Pop dances outside of those performances for a short while, and those were fun when I went to them.

Nowadays, I just have a preference for singing over dancing, but I know that there’s probably someone out there who wants to start dancing but may be afraid.

So I’m going to give you some reasons on why you shouldn’t be afraid to start learning, performing, and/or covering K-Pop dances:

You Can Explore Your Interests

Beginning to cover K-Pop dances allows you to really experience something that you may be interested in! And if you’re not interested, then at least you can say that you tried, and now you’ve come to the realization that you would rather do something else!

You Can Cultivate a Love for Something that Means a Lot to You

Let’s be real, if you’re still reading this, you probably have some interest in K-Pop dances, and you probably got interested in these dances for some reason - maybe even the culture, along with it. You might possess a deeper interest in dance than you thought, and it could be the start of an important journey for you!

You May Find a Community You Feel Like You Belong In

The K-pop dance community at my former university was really tight-knit. They were all friends and always there for each other.

They bonded over mutual interests, practices, performances.

They hung out a lot in study groups, random hang outs.

Some of them even went to KCON together, as well as some other competitions.

Obviously some of these bonding measures are college-specific, but all of this is to say that the dance cover artist(?) community has a lot of kind people. You’re bound to make friends and many long-lasting good memories by being in the community, regardless of your skill level.

Speaking of skill level…

Your Skill Level Doesn’t Matter, so You Don’t Have to be Self-Conscious About Getting Every Move Right

When you start out, your skill level doesn’t matter, since you improve with time and practice. Continuing a routine (in this case, a dance practice schedule) requires maintenance, but starting a new activity requires courage - and it’s a lot more difficult than continuing, in my opinion.

There are other people who dance who are also probably at your skill level/experience who can relate, as well as more experienced individuals who are willing to mentor you.

And as you practice, your skills will improve, as will your confidence - and I’m sure it will show through your performance!


You might be considering what your loved ones would think if you started learning K-Pop dances.

But honestly, who cares what other people think?

You’re doing this for you, not them. If it makes you happy, then do what makes you happy.

But you’ll never know if it makes you happy if you don’t try.

I still wonder if I would have loved dance if I had gotten into it early and developed a deeper connection to it, like I did with singing.

I understand it’s not too late, so I’m definitely considering taking dance classes after COVID, probably through our renowned KDA Academy...but I still wonder “what if”.

And I don’t want anyone else to wonder “what if” either.

Remember, continuing requires maintenance, but starting requires courage.

So don’t be afraid.

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