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How A K-pop Idol’s Lifestyle Can Inspires You To Improve:

“The Good Habits” + Skills To Learn As A K-pop Idols

By XVRuss

KDA Internship

Have you ever wondered how K-pop Idols became who they are now?

What have they been through?

Of course, they had difficult times and a lot of hard work behind them.

Here you’re gonna find out how simple habits can lead you to great successes just like our idols.

Pros and Cons: K-pop Idol/Trainee’s Lifestyle

As we all know the lifestyle of a K-pop Idol or a K-pop Trainee it’s far from easy, you have to deal with mainly physical, emotional, and psychological issues. You have to be determined to handle all of the training obstacles.

PROS (Main)

Useful Skills:

  • Develop Personality And Charisma

  • Conversational Skills + Languages + Etiquette

  • Self Care:

  • Healthcare

  • Skincare

  • Other Skills such as Modeling, Acting, Fashion, Photography, Instrument...

Apart from dancing, singing or rapping, during your trainee program and also after that, you’re gonna discover more of yourself by developing your personality and becoming unique.

Languages are also important, especially Korean and English and along with them you’re gonna develop useful conversational skills and learn more about Korean culture: proper manners and etiquette.

Idols can achieve an overall good looking body shape and skin with a daily workout and skincare routine.

CONS (Main)

  • Bad Diets

  • Lack of sleep

  • Image

The most consequence of being an idol is mainly a bad diet to achieve faster the desired goal despite the idol/trainee health and bad habits such as lack of sleep, too many hours of training, and image issues that often lead them to plastic surgery.

As a trainee even after several years of training you don’t have the guarantee to debut.

How To: Improve Yourself With These Simple Habits Inspired By K-pop Idols

Everything sounds difficult on being a K-pop Idol and it is, but even if a trainee didn’t debut at all in the chosen company, it has a high chance to find other occupations.


Many of them think that they’ve lost everything by failing their dream to become an idol, but everything that they learned in the training remains all the skills and habits.

For example, many other trainees found occupations as a backup dancer or a choreographer, others became producers or actors/actresses etc....

And thanks to their developed communication skills they can travel the world to find their spot maybe in other countries.

All of this for saying that K-pop trainees developed strong Foundations, and starting from that they can only improve day by day to become successful.

But how can you do it without becoming a trainee and go through a very tough time training strictly?

Simply you can develop some essential habits and day by day you’re gonna see real improvements.

Let’s Start!


  • Make the “Plan of the Day” the night before

  • Sleep at least 6 hours

  • Wake up early between 5 and 8 AM

  • Skincare routine

  • 8 water glasses/day

  • Stretch everyday

  • Workout at least 3X a week

  • Healthy Diet

  • Meditate at least 5 min/Day

  • Read a book

  • Practice everyday

  • Learn something new every day ( + Brain workout with games)

Bonus Tips:

  • For Dancing, Singing, Rapping:

  • Film/record frequently yourself and analyze it (what you did wrong and what to improve)

  • Dance:

  • Practice Foundations every day

  • Take Dance Classes to improve Muscle Memory and Techniques (Popping, House, Locking, Krumping, Breaking…)

  • Step out of your comfort zone and try different styles (Ballet, Contemporary…)

  • Vocals

  • Vocalize everyday

You can learn useful skills everywhere, the web brought us so much information now, you can learn practically everything.

Here at KDA Academy, you can attend Dance Workshops to improve your dancing by exploring different Choreography taught by different choreographers and their own style.

Essential K-pop Idol Skillset:

  • Basic Useful Life Skills

  • Conversational Skills

  • Languages (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese…)

  • Etiquette and Good Manners

  • Vocal, Rap, Acting

  • Instrument Learning (Piano, Guitar, Violin..)

  • Song Writing (and/or Composer)

  • Stage Presence (Facial Expressions)

  • Fashion And Appearance

  • Art Of Posing (Photoshoot)

  • Modeling

In conclusion, you can go far by only having CONSISTENCY and improve from the basics/foundations.


KDA Academy

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