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Korean Actor Yuri is a memorable member of ‘Fun-Staurant’

By Clementina Hoi Lam Vong

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Skilled Actor and Talented Army-Kitchen Chef?

One of the most popular members of the Korean TV-show ‘Fun-Staurant’ by KBS is Yuri, a Korean actor that specialises in cooking bulk all the time and a prodigy at first-time food-making skills. Here are some of her most memorable moments.


The first clip is Yuri making Membosha, a popular Chinese food of fried minced shrimp and bread together. It displayed her excellent knife skills while mincing the shrimp. But, she noticed the amount of minced shrimp decreased as the minced it more, so she added more, and more. The amount went from 1 to 3 packs of shrimp, an estimate of more than 100 Memboshas by the show’s chefs before she was satisfied, saying it was like making kimchi for the winter and you can heat it up whenever you want to eat and store the rest in the freezer.

Adding spice to reduce the grease and other seasonings, she mixes the seasoning with the shrimps and headed to make the Membosha with bread. She then showed her technique of hand squeezing out the minced shrimp by copying a chef’s technique. Slowly, she ended up making about 150 Memboshas. She tries a bath by air-frying it and the outcome was a delicious golden brown coloured bread. She decided to add balsamic vinegar as a topping sauce and loved it.

Potato and Egg Salad Fanatic

Yuri decides to make potato and egg salad, using pot-full amounts of eggs to boil and peeling the large amounts of potatoes at the speed of light. Known for her attitude towards favouring bulk cooking at once, she said ‘should I make more?’ and her bulk cooking with two more pot-full of eggs and many many more potato peeling starts. She slices many chillis and pulls out what looks like an army-kitchen size bowl would look like. She peels the eggs and mashes them, then adding potatoes, carrots and chillis and mixes the ingredients together, saying it’s like making kimchi again.

The most amazing part was her squeezing her industrial mayonnaise pack like a waterfall into the salad. Finally, she stores them into four big boxes.

Abalone Fried Fish Cake

Deciding on a hard but worthy cooking procedure this time, Yuri starts by washing and taking out the abalones at a super-fast rate. However, she already starts her ‘Should I make more?’ sentence and decides to wash all of the remaining abalones, and also memorises her script for her next act while cleaning them, displaying her amazing multitasking skills.

Ending up with two bowls of almost 200 abalones together, she still thought it was not enough, and decided to use minced frozen pollack and other vegetables to make more. Using a hand motion vegetable slicer to work out her arms, slicing her abalones with skills, and an electronic masher to make minced pollack, she finally starts the mixing process. Her army-kitchen size bowl makes an appearance again and she heads to mixing. Adding all her seasonings and ingredients by feel, the chefs call her skillful.

The huge bowl of fish cake ends up going into pans of oil, with her next industrial product-- a huge tin container of oil, frying to a crunchy and delicious texture. She had difficulty creating the balls with her hand squeezing technique from the Membosha this time because of the different texture, but they came out looking golden-brown and crispy to a perfect point. Making different sized fried fish cakes to experiment, she ends up with many plates full of them, impressing and surprising the chefs and other members of the show once again.

*all pictures are from KBS WORLD TV on Youtube (KBS WORLD TV, 2020)


KBS WORLD TV. (2020, June 18). Compilation of Yuri's bulk cooking [Editor’s Picks / Stars' Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant]. KBS WORLD TV.

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