Korean Dance Instructors and Routines That Improved My Dance Skills, and Will Improve Yours Too!

By: Christiana C

KDA Internship

This is a list of dance instructors and choreographies that have been helpful to me, and can be helpful to you. These dance studios are based in Seoul, South Korea: 1Million Dance Studio and X Academy.

  1. Junsun Yoo - 1Million Dance Studio/JustJerk Academy

(Source: )

Junsun Yoo is one of the greatest choreographers I have ever seen. His large, sharp, and fast movements in his choreographies allows learners to utilize their whole bodies with angles and agility, which, arguably, are some of the most important qualities to dance.

1a. Mino ft. Zico - Okey Dokey Yo (Location: 1Million Dance Studio)

(Source: - 1 Million Dance Studio)

Attibutes: There are fast jumps and height changes with lots of footwork, which helps to improve kicking, agility, and technique.

1b. Chris Brown ft. T-Pain - Kiss Kiss (Location: X Academy/1Million Dance Studio)

(Source: - X Academy)

Attributes: Sharp, smooth transitions and angles to aid with body fluidity.

  1. Koosung Jung - 1Million Dance Studio

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A talented choreographer associated with this studio, Koosung Jung is seen in multiple videos with other choreographers and has many of his own.

2a. Ella Mai - Trip (Location: 1Million Dance Studio)

(Source: - 1Million Dance Studio)

Attributes: Smooth choreography to alleviate stiffness; simple and soft movements to help experience a lax side of choreography.

  1. Isabelle - 1Million Dance Studio


Isabelle is an extremely sharp and smooth dancer as seen in her choreography videos. Most of her choreographies are r&b and hip-hop based.

3a. Kris Wu - Deserve (Location: 1Million Dance Studio)

(Source: - 1Million Dance Studio)

Attributes: Helps learners use and mark basic movements, piecing them together quickly and sharply using both the arms and legs.

  1. Debby - 1Million Dance Studio

( )

Debby is an extremely versatile dancer in every genre from hip-hop to pop. Her choreographies helped me try a new style different from my usual like of hard hitting hip-hop choreographies.

4a. Dani Leigh - Lil Bebe (Location: 1 Million Dance Studio)

(Source: - 1Million Dance Studio)

Attributes: Advanced arm and leg angles which helps with footwork and arm positioning in an intermediate level choreography. With me always focused on big hip-hop moves, this routine helped me to have a complex and tight angled choreography.

  1. Kasper (SM Entertainment Dancer/Choreographer, formerly at 1Million Dance Studio)

(KDA September 2020 Promotional Poster)

Kasper is a renowned choreographer who has choreographed for EXO and even performed with BoA during the 2017 MAMA Awards show.

4a. Desiigner - Panda (Thugli Remix, Location: 1Million Dance Studio)

(Source: - 1Million Dance Studio)

Attributes: Intermediate level choreography with difficult angles, various agile turns, and placement specific jumps.

These routines offer unique and variable dance combos that can help you in areas you want to improve in, whether it’s: popping, agility, fluidity, angles, arm movements, or footwork.

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