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Places I’d Like to Visit in Korea

By Chi-Chi Ezekwenna

KDA Internship

I love traveling. From packing for the trip all the way to returning home from the airport, every single part of traveling is enticing to me. I have many countries on my list, with Korea being one of the top ones. From learning more about the cultural and historical part of the country to enjoying the Korean wave in the birth county, there’s so many places I’ve wanted to visit in Korea.

Go on a Historical Tour

One fun fact about me is that I’m a HUGE history nerd. I love learning about History, especially about other countries that I don’t normally learn about in school. Korea’s history is especially interesting to me. From the different dynasties and reigning monarchs to the beautiful hanboks (traditional Korean clothing, I’d want to learn all about it, and going on a tour, exploring hanoks (traditional Korean houses) seems like the best way to learn about the history of Korea. Specifically, I’d like to try yakgwa, a traditional dessert made of honey, cheongju, sesame oil, and ginger juice and I’d like to try on a hanbok and take pictures.

Yakgwa, the traditional dessert usually enjoyed on celebration days, like marriages and chuseoks.

Hanboks, traditional Korean attire.

Jeju Island

Jeju Island, located south of Korea, is a very popular vacation spot filled with multiple tourists every season. There’s multiple activities offered on this island, like horseback riding, hiking and relaxing on the many beaches offered. With all the activities offered, there’s one specific reason I really want to go to Jeju Island: soy sauce marinated crab legs.

Also known as ganjang gejang, soy sauce marinated crabs is a traditional dish consisting of fresh raw crabs marinated in a mild soy-sauce based brine. I’m not the biggest fan of seafood unless it’s in the form of sushi, but I’ve been convinced after hearing Seventeen’s Seungkwan talk about it. Born and raised in Jeju Island, Seungkwan has a lot of pride in his hometown. He’s hyped up soy sauce marinated crabs many times, and has encouraged many people to try it. Even while being allergic to crustaceans, I still really want to try this dish.

Please don’t follow my poor actions and eat food you're allergic to while visiting a foreign country.

Lotte World

Lotte World is a very famous Korean amusement park. Home of the world’s largest indoor theme park, Lotte World also has shopping malls, hotels, museums, movie theaters and so much more. I’ve so many vlogs from Korean students and tourists exploring and enjoying this amusement park and it seems like a lot of fun.

Out of all of the rides, I want to go on the private ship ride the most. I’ve been on rides similar to this one at other amusement parks, but I’m interested to see how high and how fast this one goes. From what I’ve seen, the pirate ship ride seems to be more intense from other rides similar to it, so I’d like to see how it compares to other amusement park’s pirate ship-like rides.

There are many more places I’d like to visit in Korea, but these are the main places I’d want to visit. Fingers crossed to visit these places in the future when the pandemic is more under control and gets better!

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